vip consult-website content.pngThis option is for the individual that wants to get products and information before committing to a wholesale account of their own. We’ll discuss your top 3 health concerns, then I will create and deliver 2 custom roller bottles, 1 inhaler and a folder with information about the oils and usage. I will make sure you know how to use each item and will follow up in a couple of days. 


If for some reason the oils do not have the desired results, that’s completely okay and no need for concern. Because we are all uniquely made, what works for some does not always work for everyone (just like prescriptions and medications.) Unlike synthetic solutions, though, the oils have multiple uses, so if peppermint doesn’t help with headaches, it may help with an upset tummy. And no harmful side-effects. I will work with you to find what does benefit your body the most, so just be patient, and assured that I will not give up on finding the best solutions for you!


Since you're reading this, I'm guessing you're ready to take charge of your health.  Let's schedule a time to meet and come up with a plan that will move you forward to a healthier, happier you!