my approach image-website.pngBecause of my holistic lifestyle background, I believe in a whole body approach. All three areas—mind, body and soul—need to be addressed if you hope to have a quality of life as you age. Essential oils are amazing tools that empower you to take care of you and your loved ones in a safe, effective way, in all three areas of wellness, and for just pennies per drop!

I also believe it takes a village to be well, so in addition to essential oils, I develop relationships with various holistic practitioners so that I can refer you to the best expert who can help you on your wellness journey (did I mention that connectedness was my super power?!) Overwhelm is the enemy. Trying to navigate health challenges alone can leave you feeling stuck, helpless and/or hopeless. You are not alone. I am here for you.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? If so, let’s schedule a time to meet and come up with a plan that will move you forward and give you hope for FEELING GOOD as you age with a quality of life.


essoilfunny2.jpgIn my late thirties I had my future mapped out: wife, at-home Mom, published author, gym-rat/jock. Move closer to family once hubby retired. Fast-forward twenty years and I’m still (happily!) married to the same man. I’ll always be a mom! I still love a good story, but my writing career stalled after selling two books. Back and neck surgery, while successful, have led to a more sedentary life than I ever imagined. We’ve moved to Tennessee, and I’m within driving distance of family, which makes me so happy.

Nowhere on my list was the desire to start my own wellness company in my fifties…surprise! I guess it's true, age really is just a number! 

Why am I not content to explore other, more natural paths to better health on my own? I just can’t be that selfish. I feel called to share what I’ve learned and will continue to learn on my journey to optimal health through natural means. American medicine is necessary and beneficial for acute care. But we do have choices when it comes to other ailments, diseases and especially preventative health care. I am not a professional in the medical field, just a woman who has experienced serious side-effects from FDA approved medications; I’ve been misdiagnosed and put through painful, pointless, expensive procedures. All of which led me to pursue/research alternative medicine and come to the conclusion that WE HAVE CHOICES. It means letting go of the “quick fix” solution, but the payoff is EMPOWERMENT.

Essential Oils have ENRICHED my life to the point that I am on a mission to spread the good news! Do they cure? No. But they have the ability to work with your body and lay the foundation for wellness.

Choose hope. Choose now. Schedule your free wellness consultation today!