Becky, is a wonderful teacher on how to balance a hectic lifestyle. She reminds you that you can take care of yourself mentally and physically while still being a mother, full time employee and full time student. Doterra, is my life and the benefits that essential oils has on my Autistic son has been a blessing for him and our whole family. A big hug to Becky for helping me repair my life and get myself back.  




5 Star Review




Becky is extremely knowledgeable and has such a gorgeous caring heart! She is truly out to help and educate people on how to have more wellness and healing in our lives!




Hope Essential is an incredible business that I wholeheartedly trust and have relied on. The products are phenomenal quality and really make a difference. I first came across this at a shopping day/product fair and needed help sleeping after a miscarriage. She had just the thing. Becky has provided me solid recommendations countless times and it means a lot to find someone like her who only wants what is best for everyone she meets. I sleep better, eat healthier, fight allergies and germs better, am mentally healthier and frankly I can think of one thousand solutions to problems that she has at her fingertips. Hope Essential has great attention to detail, integrity and kindness as if the products didn’t speak for themselves. Highly recommend!!!