Once I discovered my number one strength is connectedness, it finally made sense why I so strongly believe that we are all connected, we all matter. The organizations that I belong to and that I have helped create, all share this belief. We can make a difference. One drop at a time. One donation of time, money or talent at a time. One friend at time. One prayer at a time. Come join me in making the world a better place!

Screenshot_2020-12-31 Business Site Home Page dōTERRA Essential Oils.jpgdoTERRA : One of the many things that drew me to this company is the culture they promote—that we’re all one big family. This belief is reflected in amazing customer service, the trainings, and even the compensation plan. Every wellness advocate, no matter where in the organization, is encouraged to support one another. Uplines, downlines, crosslines—none of that matters. So refreshing.

doTERRA empowers the farmers in the poorest of countries who harvest the precious oils. They build schools and hospitals. doTERRA empowers its Wellness Advocates to make a living doing what they love--teaching others about essential oils and a holistic approach to wellness. To share that amazing business opportunity with others who catch the same vision.


team hope essential=website content.pngTeam Hope Essential: Once you become a wholesale customer through me or one of my fantastic business partners, you become a part of the doTERRA family! This means you have me and my team as a resource. The first 90 days, we will check in with you a little more often to ensure you’re comfortable using the oils and using them correctly.

Are you ready to make your health a priority? Reach out to me!



team glo customer group-website content.JPGTeam G.L.O. (Gotta Love Oils!) Customer Education Facebook Group:  You will also be invited to join our larger team of over 300 customers and wellness advocates! We have worked hard to create a vibrant, active, inclusive community. We share tips, recipes, ask question. Oilers will share their real-life experiences with the oils, which is invaluable. Resource books and Google are great, but you can’t beat first-hand knowledge. We have tons of educational posts and challenges, along with an 8 week course of Continuing Education classes that roll over and repeat—valued at over $300--FOR FREE! And if you complete all 8, you get a prize! Our birthday calendar is a big hit as well. You are not alone on your wellness journey.

Are you ready to get healthier and make new friends? Reach out to me!


team glo bus support group-website content.JPGTeam G.L.O. Business Support Facebook Group: If you decide that using the oils AND doing the business is for you, the timing couldn’t be better. We now have systems and processes in place that leave out any guesswork. You get to decide how slow or how fast you want to grow your business, and then put your own individual spin on it. You’ll be a part of a community of energetic, inspiring, big-hearted, hard-working wellness advocates, ready and eager to help in any way that you need. If this sounds intriguing to you, contact me for more details.


community 2.jpgFem City

I am honored and honored to lead the FemCity Johnson City Chapter. FemCity is a members-only networking organization with local and online gatherings for women launching and growing businesses or growing careers. But it’s more than a networking group—it’s business for your soul! And as a member, you have access to all of the webinars, worksheets, podcasts and more—sort of like have multiple top-notch business coaches at your fingertips.  Each month we meet locally for FemCity’s signature programming which includes professional development, networking, and camaraderie. Your first event is FREE so come to check out our group of passionate, like-minded, career-driven women. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience our FemCity Collective and learn what we’re all about. I LOVE the idea of women empowering women, don’t you? Check out the FemCity website or contact me for more details.

community 1.jpg100+ Women Who Care

A giving circle that empowers women and non-profits

Such a cool concept—together, we can do more! We held five in-person events before switching to virtual fundraisers due to the pandemic. Women could network, learn about great things happening in our community, and make a significant impact together. The recipient of our first $10,225 donation was Isaiah House 117, followed by Seasons of Hope, Levi’s Legacy, H.O.P.E., and Cherished Mom. One Acre Café was our most recent recipient. I’m excited to see who we will help next! Visit their website for more details.

rise_up.jpgRise Up

This local organization has an amazing mission: to inspire youth to succeed through small groups that meet after school, and also through individual mentoring. The vision is to inspire kids to be relationally successful and prepared for the future—so, so important. They believe that youth who come to Rise Up belong, have great futures, and that they need and deserve the necessary support along the way. Visit their website for the full list of core values.

I had the pleasure of teaching an empowerment workshop to the middle school kids and was so impressed by their big hearts, intelligence and desire to learn. This applies to the staff as well. I am hoping to teach more workshops and possibly become a mentor. The founders, Michael and Sherry Marion, are simply the most selfless people I have ever met.  They also own a local business, Open Doors Coffeehouse and they donate a portion of coffee sales to support Rise Up. Check out their website for more details or contact me.

If reading this inspires you to give of yourself, to give financially, please don’t wait—the need is NOW.